Qalb Saleem

We give so much attention to our physical bodies, be it managing our diet or exercising or fashion, that at times we neglect our soul which, unlike the body, continues to the next realm of reality. No doubt our “body has rights over us”, according to the Prophetic ﷺ narration, that are important to fulfil, but we have to realize the importance of giving the soul its nourishment also, allowing it to grow in proximity of its Creator and reaching felicity by nurturing the Qalb or the spiritual heart that is at its core.

Love thy Neighbor

As faith communities we must be truthful, just and fair among ourselves and with others. Islamophobia, rooted in fear of the other and misconceptions, unfortunately has become a reality that cannot be ignored. We must work together and stop the demonization of Islam and Muslims, or any other religion or people, as an attack on one religion is an attack on all religions. This program brings people from different faiths and backgrounds together. Join us by requesting a speaker here!

Converts – New to Islam

Your brothers and sisters are here for you. Please register here to connect with a Muslim mentor from your local community center or Mosque.

Be a Mentor

If you are a practicing Muslim and are willing to help your brother or sister who may be new to Islam please register here as a mentor.


We will be providing Arabic seminars and classes. Coming soon!